As women age, it’s normal to experience bodily changes, especially as estrogen levels fluctuate. These changes may include vaginal discomfort, dryness, and changes in function. Luckily, laser treatment isn’t just for hair removal; FemTouch™ is a laser designed to treat vaginal health conditions for female rejuvenation.*

How it works

Woman walking on the beachBefore the FemTouch™ laser rejuvenation procedure, an experienced specialist will have a consultation with a potential patient. They will discuss all options, payment, and aftercare. At the start of the procedure, they will apply a numbing cream to prevent pain and infections. Fortunately, rejuvenation treatment only takes a few minutes. The doctor uses a CO2 fractional laser on the vaginal walls, which creates tiny abrasions known as micro-lesions.* These micro-lesions break down old cells in the area and stimulate the growth of new collagen, which results in rejuvenated blood flow and a tightened vaginal wall.*

Benefits of laser therapy

Various women seek female rejuvenation as a way to tighten and refresh their vaginal walls to alleviate discomfort.* There are also many conditions that women may suffer from that can be mitigated with this procedure. After menopause, women may develop vulvovaginal atrophy, making the vagina smaller and drier, which can result in painful intercourse. Luckily, this procedure can restore affected women’s ability to have intercourse.* The procedure can also be used to treat lichen sclerosis, which is a condition that results in vulvar skin thinning over time.* Although it is not FDA approved to treat urinary incontinence and urgency, some women find that the procedure helps reduce these symptoms as a secondary effect.*

An alternative to other therapies

Laser therapy for female rejuvenation has also become popular among women who cannot rely on other therapies to treat vulvovaginal atrophy. Although some women may see improvement using vaginal estrogen, many women do not respond to such therapy, making laser therapy a good alternative.* Laser therapy for female rejuvenation is also a safe alternative for women who have experienced breast or ovarian cancer, excluding them as candidates for vaginal estrogen use.*

Length of effects and aftercare

It’s recommended that women undergo this procedure in two to three installments spread out over the course of four to six weeks. After treatment, women can experience results immediately.* Over time, the effects of female rejuvenation may fade but can be achieved again by repeating the process.* After days of slight discomfort, most women can go back to their normal routines, and after three to four days, they may resume having intercourse.*

Laser treatment is a simple process with a lasting effect for female rejuvenation.* If you’re interested in FemTouch™ laser treatment, call Pellé Medical Spa at 603-627-7000; we can’t wait to hear from you! For a complete list of treatments, check out our services.


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