There are many factors the affect aging of the skin besides just time itself.

Factors like sunlight and gravity take a toll on the elastic collagen in the face, causing wrinkles to appear. Botox has been a great solution for eliminating wrinkles in the upper face, especially in the forehead and areas around the eyes. Botox has been relatively ineffective for treating signs of aging in the lower face.

Other signs of aging include downturned corners of the mouth and loss of collagen in the lips. Plastic surgery makes it possible to improve these areas, but can often leave a “done” or “pulled” look that so many woman fear. Facial dermal fillers are used to rebuild and refresh the areas near the mouth, helping the patient regain a more youthful appearance in a very natural way.* The drooping of the naso-labial folds of the face are a common sign of facial aging. Fillers can instantly lift the folds giving a much more youthful appearance instantly.*

Fillers can often even out the face creating a more symmetrical look.* Lip enhancement is now one of the most popular procedures and draws both the young and old. We will continue to see a growth trend in the facial filler market as women (and men) continue to love the instantaneous effects of these products with very minimal downtime.*

It is very important to remember that a well-trained injector can leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated without that overdone look.* At Pellé our injectors are highly trained and experienced.

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