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Chemical Peels for Acne


Chemical peels are truly the fastest way to get rid of active acne and prevent new pimples. The efficacy is faster than antibiotics, birth control pills, and other oral treatments without the potential for systemic side effects, which is why we prefer this method to treat acne. Unfortunately these treatments and laser treatments are not covered by insurance. Many clients ask us why they are not covered since they work so well. These treatments are considered cosmetic because these treatments are also used for the additional benefits of improving wrinkles, evening out skin tone, and also reducing and preventing acne scarring. Unfortunately, treatment of scarring is considered cosmetic by insurance companies.

So what are chemical peels? Chemical peels are liquid solutions that contain natural or synthetic ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair follicle or acne pore and clean it out. It also penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin that may cause peeling of the skin. This peeling leads to a healthy glow and improvement of the skin’s texture and tone, as well as less active acne lesions.

The amount of improvement that you get from a chemical peel is dependent of the depth of the peel. Most chemical peels for acne are considered superficial and lead to about 2 to 3 days of flaky peeling. Medium depth chemical peels cause peeling for approximately 7 days. Instead of flaky peeling, sheets of skin will be removed. Although that may sound scary, when performed correctly by our highly qualified Estheticians, this can lead to drastic improvement of the skins tone, texture and clarity.

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