What is lash lifting?

Lash lifting is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your eyelashes the perfect curl. At Pellé Medical Spa in Manchester, New Hampshire, we provide the Elleebana Lash Lift. Elleebana lifts are a great alternative to eyelash extensions. They require very little maintenance and provide long-lasting results! The benefits of Elleebana lifts include:

  • makes natural eyelashes appear longer
  • lashes stay lifted for a couple of months
  • no damage to natural lashes
  • swim, shower and play with no fuss
  • faster application techniques saving you time

What can I expect during treatment?

The lash lifting process is similar to that of eyelash extensions. The top of your eyelids and your bottom lashes are covered with a gel pad. You’ll keep your eyes closed during the entire process. Depending on the length of your natural lashes, a silicone rod will be placed on top of your eyelids to determine which size (small, medium or large) will give you the best lift. Once the size is determined, the rod is placed onto the gel pad of your eyelids and a lash glue (water-soluble) is used to push your natural lashes back onto the rod. A lash setting solution is applied for 5-7 minutes on both sides. The solution is then removed with a micro-swab and a lash neutralizer solution is applied to both sides for 5 minutes. The tinting process will take place after the neutralizer is removed. The tinting portion only takes 5-10 minutes.

How much maintenance is involved?

This procedure requires very little maintenance and is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have time for regular upkeep. The Elleebana Lash Lift will last for a couple of months, depending on your lash cycle. Please note that lash serums, biotin, and/or medication(s) can affect the lash cycle, resulting in quicker lash shedding.

Am I a candidate for the Elleebana lash lift?

If you want your lashes to appear longer, or you are pleased with their length and you just want a semi-permanent curl, then you are the perfect candidate. Lifts provide that stunning, enhanced mascara look. Lash lifts are not recommended for chemotherapy patients.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

No, our staff is certified and trained to perform this procedure with proper care and technique.

What is the different between a lash lift and a lash perm?

The difference is, with lash lifting, eyelashes are lifted at the root instead of the tip. This gives your lashes a complete curl instead of just at the tip.

What should I avoid after the procedure?

Your lashes should avoid water for the first 24 hours. You should also avoid saunas, steam rooms and heat in general. After those first 24 hours, however, feel free to go about your daily routine. Unlike eyelash extensions, there are no restrictions or maintenance steps to take.

Additionally, allow 24 hours before applying any type of product to your lashes. But after those first 24 hours, you may apply mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, or any type of makeup products you desire. They will not affect the lashes.

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