What is the Pellé Plasma Facelift?

The Pellé Plasma Facelift is a procedure that utilizes dermal fillers to restore volume to the face while enhancing its appearance.* The non-surgical procedure requires a simply concentrated serum, which is processed with your blood platelets along with a dermal filler to enhance the fillers longevity and effectiveness.* By stimulating growth enhancers found in your blood, new collagen is stimulated.* This results in tighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.*

How can the Pellé Plasma FaceLift help me?

Pellé Medical Spa is proud to be one of the first to offer Hollywood’s best in anti-aging treatments. This treatment can increase blood flow in your face, allowing for a healthier color.* If your facial shape is beginning to collapse, the Plasma FaceLift can increase collagen levels in your skin and improve muscle support in your face.* Lastly, if your skin texture is rougher, this treatment can help to get rid of that worn, tired look.*

What can I expect during treatment?

There are 3 steps to the Pellé Plasma Facelift:

  1. The first step is all about creating a beautiful, natural shape. We will use a dermal filler to help sculpt the dimensions of your face. But adding volume to balance out your face, we can help you look younger.*
  2. The second step aims to isolate growth factors from your blood and activate it to benefit your skin. First, we’ll draw 2 teaspoons worth of blood from you and, using a centrifuge, we’ll isolate platelets from that blood. This is just a 10 minute process that done at our medical spa. Next, we’ll activate the platelets to stimulate growth factors that would normally be used to heal injured tissue. These growth factors work to increase collagen and new blood flow.* This will help to rejuvenate your skin.*
  3. The last step involves the injection of the serum into your face. We will use a numbing cream and a very small needle, so you won’t experience any pain or discomfort. The serum activates multipotent stem cells that are already in your skin, tricking them to generate newer, younger tissue.*

What can I expect from the results?

You may see some initial improvement within a few days after the procedure, but optimal results will become visible after 2-3 months.* After a few months, you will begin to see fresh new skin that looks and feels radiant and firm.* The results are know to last for a couple of years.* Results can last even longer if you take care of your skin and protect yourself from sun damage.*

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*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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