Aging means gaining wisdom and experience in life—but it also unfortunately means losing volume and elasticity in the skin. Luckily, fillers are an effective way to restore a fuller, more youthful appearance for men and women alike.* Although women often begin their anti-aging efforts from a relatively young age, many men neglect to fight the effects of aging until they are much older, which can sometimes be too late. However, injectables are an effective way to erase wrinkles and take years off your face, and they’re becoming more common among men with each passing year.*

Male modelAddressing Bags and “Tired Eyes”

Many men experience “tired eyes,” or a look of perpetual exhaustion that comes from bags under the eyes. For those who are sick of being asked if they’ve gotten enough sleep, injectables can be an easy fix.* Bags generally occur when volume is lost from underneath the eye, which creates a hollow, shadowed area with a defined border. However, a filler such as Restylane can often restore volume lost in these areas.*

Eliminated Parentheses Lines

One distinctive sign of aging is smile lines, often called “parentheses lines,” as they form curved lines that look like parentheses around the mouth. These lines occur through the continual folding and unfolding of tissue in the area, which results in indentations. A filler such as Juvederm Ultra, which is a gel-like filler made with hyaluronic acid, can restore volume and hydration while tightening the skin.* This filler is also commonly used for men who want to restore fullness to their lips.*

Wrinkle Prevention

After existing wrinkles are addressed, men can also use fillers to prevent further development of wrinkles as they age.* Botox is commonly used as early as the late twenties, since men often develop fine lines and wrinkles earlier than women. Botox lasts for several months, and it can be easily replaced with a simple check-up every year and a half or so to address wrinkles as they develop.*

Keeping a Firm Jaw

Since men are naturally more angular than women, maintaining the appearance of a firm, angular jaw can make a world of difference in apparent age. This means addressing sagging jowls that can create an aged look. Fillers such as Bellafill can have long-lasting jawline enhancement effects, and the treatment can be performed in merely a half an hour.* Solutions such as Coolsculpting can also have great effects, which go a long way in restoring your youthful, masculine appearance.*

For men, staying youthful is all about retaining volume as well as angles and definition. For a consultation about age prevention or reversal using fillers or other facial treatments, call our team of specialists at 603-627-7000 today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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