Get rewarded by maintaining amazing results with this incredible NEW BOTOX® Cosmetics 16-month, 4-step savings program!* Here’s how it works:

1st BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment – $50 off

  • Initial rebate codes are valid starting on April and expire on May 31, 2019
  • Patients must wait 90 days between each treatment in accordance with the Brilliant Distinctions® eligibility rules. Once eligible, the rebate for the next treatment will expire after 60 days.

2nd BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment – $50 off

  • After patients receive their first treatment, a second rebate will be sent directly to their Brilliant Distinctions® Loyalty Program account

3rd BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment – $100 off JUVÉDERM® + Unlock Onyx

  • If the patient is an appropriate candidate for treatment, they can save $100 on 2 JUVÉDERM® syringes at their third BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment
  • Rebate may be applied to any 1.0 mL JUVÉDERM® product purchase.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® treatments must be administered in the same visit. (Please note that the safety and efficacy of these products for combined use have not been studied)
  • Unlock ONYX: Patients are also welcomed to an exclusive, unpublished Brilliant Distinctions® tier named Onyx. Members get access to premier savings promotions, local events, and customized partner offers
  • Please note the third BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment will trigger the welcome into Onyx level. A JUVÉDERM® treatment is not required.
  • Patient is required to receive 3rd BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment to become eligible for 4th treatment (complimentary). JUVÉDERM® treatment is not a requirement for 4th treatment eligibility.

4th BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment – Complimentary

  • Patients can receive 4th treatment free when entire series of three is completed. Treatment end date varies by patient.
  • Patients must receive each of the three BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments. Max of 50 Units free. Injection fee may be added. Units over 50 may be charged to the patient.
  • Retail 50 Unit vial is shipped directly to the office.

Easy, right?! To learn more, call us at (603) 627-7000 or request an appointment online today!

*Program available to any new or returning BOTOX Cosmetic patient. Patient must be a Brilliant Distinctions member to participate in the offer. If they are not a Brilliant Distinctions member, they can register at Initial rebate codes are valid starting April 2019 and expire on May 31, 2019.



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