What are hollow cheeks?

Hollow cheeks, or sunken cheeks, often give off a grim appearance. As we age, the cheeks appear to recede inward into the facial bones, instead of projecting outward. The thin, hollow look that was once desired in the 90s is no longer in vogue. Now, more and more people are looking to plump up their faces. At Pellé Medical Spa in Machester, New Hampshire, we help you restore lost volume to your face, while still allowing for natural movement!

What are the causes?

Like most aesthetic concerns, the aging process often results in a loss of facial volume. Not only do our bodies produce less collagen (which gives skin its elasticity and plumpness), but they produce less subcutaneous fat as we grow older. A sudden loss of weight, smoking and other poor lifestyle choices can also accelerate this look.

What are the available treatment options?

Cheek augmentation is often performed with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers,  can add volume to your face and give you the plump look you used to have or have always desired.* Best of all, there is no surgery or downtime. We use Restylane Lyft, Juvéderm Voluma XC and Juvéderm Ultra to treat hollow cheeks. To learn more about these fillers, click here. During your initial consultation, we’ll determine which dermal fillers will help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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Explore common treatments we offer to treat Hollow Cheeks:

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